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Start operation instructions of Diesel Generator Set

Start operation instructions of Diesel Generator Set


Start operation instructions of Diesel Generator Set

1. Add antifreeze to the good diesel Generator set. The proportion of antifreeze is detailed in the engine manual.

2. Add oil to the unit. The engine type is generally APICF-4, W15/40CF grade oil. The oil should be added to the engine's oil level gauge and the scale is full. The oil is too much and too little for the engine. unfavorable.

3. Turn on the fuel line and drain the air in the oil pipe to easily start the diesel Generator Set. The fuel is made of domestic No. 0 or No.-10 light diesel oil.

4. According to the power of the generator set, select the wire suitable for the current carrying capacity, and connect it to the output end of the main circuit output circuit breaker. Pay attention to the phase line and the neutral line when wiring. Do not connect the wrong one. According to the circuit diagram, check whether the wiring of the controller and the peripheral are correct, and avoid the wrong line; mainly check the communication line between the controller to the speed control board, the AVR board and the unit (using the shielded wire), and ensure that the shielded wire is completely grounded.

5. Connect the battery cable. Do not connect the positive and negative poles when wiring. Connect the positive battery cable first and then the negative battery cable. Also check if the battery is fully charged to ensure that the "starter motor" is started and start the engine.

6. Check the bolts of the main connecting part of the unit, check the fixing bolts of the instrument and components in the control panel, and the bolts of the wire terminal should be tightened.

7. The main circuit breaker should be in the off position before starting the machine. Check the wiring of the electric switch and observe if the electric switch is working properly.

8. Check if the grounding of the controller is good (connected to the engine casing), and the unit and the ground, the cabinet (low noise), and the control cabinet should be grounded reliably with the earth.

9. Start the engine manually, adjust the speed and voltage after the engine is running normally.

10. Confirm that the controller can normally adjust the speed and voltage by adjusting the software.

11. Confirm that the controller can normally control the opening and closing by manual closing or opening.

12. Before paralleling, ensure that the single machine is running normally and adjust the gain and stability of the engine.

13. After manual loading, check if the engine is running normally.

14. After the manual parallel debugging is normal, you can consider automatic paralleling.

15. The above checks are correct, and the test run is started. Before the load is put into operation, check the phase sequence, whether it is in phase with the mains, confirm the correctness, and then put it into the load.

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