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How to extend the life of Diesel Engine's Turbocharger


1. Ensure reliable lubrication of the turbocharger. Use the supercharged diesel engine oil according to the requirements of the supercharger manual (usually use CD grade advanced lubricating oil), and regularly check the quantity and quality of the oil, and replace the deterioration or Dirty oil, clean or replace the oil filter to ensure that the oil is highly clean.

2, to ensure the high cleanliness of diesel engine intake must maintain the tightness of the diesel engine intake and exhaust lines, regularly clean and maintain the air filter, check whether the tightening nut or bolt is loose, whether the hose clamp is clamped, check into Whether there is air leakage in the gas system, if necessary, replace the gasket to prevent dust and sand from being sucked into the compressor. Otherwise, the dirt may easily cause the air filter wall plug, the compressor passage and the supercharger blade to be contaminated, thereby causing a decrease in the boost pressure and even causing early wear of the blade and the diesel engine parts.

3. After the new diesel engine or the new supercharger, it must be added with “oil” before starting. For the new diesel engine or after replacing the supercharger, the oil inlet pipe joint on the supercharger must be removed before starting. -60mL of oil to prevent the starter from burning out the supercharger bearing due to lack of oil.

4. Before starting the diesel engine, the crankshaft should be rotated several times to ensure lubrication. If possible, the standby oil should be filled with the oil filter and the entire lubrication system. After the oil pressure is stable, start again. Otherwise turbocharger bearings may be damaged due to lack of lubrication during start-up, because when the diesel engine is running at a load and the turbocharger speed is high, even a short period of seconds will cause insufficient oil supply to the turbocharger bearings. The bearing is damaged.

5. After the start of the diesel engine, it is not possible to run the diesel engine at high speed immediately. After starting the diesel engine, it should be idling for a few minutes and then accelerate the operation. Otherwise, the supercharger bearing will be burnt out, especially when the diesel engine replaces the lubricating oil, cleans the supercharger, and filters. Or replace the filter element and stop for more than one week. After starting, in the idle running state, loosen the oil inlet connector on the supercharger, tighten the oil after the oil overflows, and then run it at speed and speed. After 5 minutes, the load can be operated.

6. The diesel engine can't run at idle speed for a long time, otherwise it will cause the supercharger oil to leak into the compressor and cause the exhaust pipe to spray oil, increase the oil consumption, and at the same time idle for a long time, the oil pressure is insufficient, and it is easy to cause the supercharger to be poorly lubricated. Burn out the bearing.

7. After the diesel engine runs at full speed at full speed, it should not stop immediately, stop the flame, stop the engine and run it for 5 minutes before the flameout, so that the parts of the machine are gradually cooled to prevent the oil of the supercharger bearing from being oily, the oil is overheated, the supercharger bearing and the turbine wheel bite. Dead, the oil seal is invalid. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the moment after the diesel engine is stopped to monitor whether there is any rubbing sound between the turbocharger impeller and the casing. If there is a rubbing sound, the supercharger should be dismantled immediately to check whether the bearing clearance is normal.

8. Periodically disassemble, clean and adjust the supercharger according to the requirements of the instruction manual. For every 1000 hours of operation of the supercharger, the compressor impeller should be cleaned once (note that the cleaning liquid which is not corrosive to aluminum and used during cleaning is not available. Wire brush). Check the impeller for damage and small cracks, the gap between the rotor shaft and the floating bearing, the axial movement of the rotor, the static balance and dynamic balance of the rotor, etc. If it does not meet the requirements or is damaged, it should be adjusted, repaired or replaced.

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